Jade Race & Rotenburg Racedays

On Friday July 19th we went to the Jade Airfield, close to Wilhelmshaven Germany. The organisor was allowed to prep the track. This meant we could use the nitrous again and Frank made some decent 8 sec. runs. The 8,7 sec run on Sunday morning was another PB. Beautiful weather, lots of spectators and the good traction made this another great racing weekend.





The next weekend we moved to another German Dragstrip to attend the Rotenburg Racedays. This track was not as good as the one in Jade since no prepping was allowed. However we were able to make some 9 sec. runs all weekend. The track is short so Frank pulled the chute at every run. Gwen and Irene had a busy day re-packing the chute.





Drachten Internationals 2013

On Thursday July 11th we went to the Drachten Internationals. Due to some rain early in the morning the first qualification runs on Friday were not very successful. However we were able to experiment a bit with the slew rate settings.

On Saturday the sun came out and the track conditions improved. This enabled Frank to make a 8,964 sec run. A new PB. We’re making progress. And we met a lot of nice people.









T & T at Bitburg 6/7 July 2013

We had a great time at the Bitburg Airfield. The weather and track conditions were perfect for us to test & tune the Fiero.

Here you find some pics:








Drachten June 2013

On June 14th we went to the DHRA Street Legal Night at the Drachten Airfield Dragstrip. We arrived early in the afternoon and prepared the Fiero. We were able to make 5 runs in the afternoon and evening. Wheater conditions were perfect and the field of 150 street cars and bikes layed down plenty of rubber.

Although the track was unprepped we were able to run a 9,374 without nitrous. That was promissing for the first 2013 Dragrace at the same track one week later.

Wrong! Upon arrival at the track on Thursday June 19th in the late afternoon it started to rain and it didn’ stop until Saturday morning. We were called to the lanes early, made a burnout which didn’t feel great and Frank launched the Fiero with the same settings as the week before. When in 2nd. he lost grip, the revs went up shifting the car into 3rd. (like a burnout). Fortunately Frank’s quick reaction saved the Fiero this time.

Spot the differences




News in the Dutch Online Racing Magazine AUTOSPORT.NL

Dutch journalist, photographer and dragracing fan Remco Scheelings did a nice write-up on Frank’s Fierce Fiero in the online magazine called www.autorsport.nl



Here’s the direct link to the story:




On Friday June 14th Frank will drive the Fiero at the Street Legal Nights at the Dragstrip in Drachten (NL) He will run in the Wild Street Class. Yes, with lights, indicators and a horn!

Test ‘n Tune @ Bitburg May 2013

During the first Test & Tune at Bitburg Carsten Graef made some beautiful photo’s. Thanks again Carsten.



The car felt better than ever. Still some fine tuning on the engine to do before our first race event at Drachten.

Rebuild in progress (April 2013)

Now that the cold eastern wind changed its direction, the temperature in Frank’s spray booth has risen to a workable level. This was the result:


Waiting for the sun to come out

Alignment of the front wheels:








Some more pictures of the new nose

The wheel tibs have been painted black.




Rebuild in progress (March 2013)

During the last few weeks a lot of progress was made on the Fiero Rebuild.

Frank created his own paint booth in his backyard by using an old party tent. We’re pretty sure this party tent was white before the paint job started.


Frank’s hard work was inspected and approved. The frame is certified for 7,5 second runs. The certification decal was applied with proud.

Now the frame is ready, the re-assembly continued.