Don Garlits Museum of Dragracing

Next on our schedule was the Don Garlits Museum of Dragracing in Ocala. This is definately a must-see for every car junkie.

Don Garlits is one of the true old school drag racers but he is so much more. He is one of the building blocks that not only made NHRA great but he is an Icon of racing and the way it use to be. His museum located in Ocala, Florida is actually two museums. The first is his History of Drag Racing Museum which contains all but a couple of his famous Swap Rat dragsters. In addition you will find other famous dragsters and cars from the past and tributes to other drivers. There is memorabilia everywhere and more engines and cut away engines than you can count on both hands. the other museum is the Antique Car Museum on the same site.

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