Switch to Super Comp

Due to the 2012 FIA sound regulations for Super Gas and the lack of room for mufflers under the Fiero, we decided to make the switch to Super Comp. This means we need more power. The additional power will come from NOS.



Our switch to NOS necessitated the use of more electric devices


And finally the blue bottle was installed


South Beach Classics

Just before we jumped onto the plane back to Europe we visited South Beach Classics in Miami.

Test & Tune @ Palm Beach International Raceway

The last T&T we could visit was at Moroso Motorsports Park. In 2008 it was remodelled into a state-of-the-art motorsports facility and the owners changed the track’s name back to “Palm Beach International Raceway.” The old facility was completely altered, adding a new road course similar to the original but with some minor modifications. Low-glare lighting was added to the track along with brand new safety barriers and an amount of other upgrades. It features a Dragstrip, a Road Coarse and a Cart Coarse.

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World Sport Compact Challenge in Orlando

As V8 lovers we went to the World Sport Compacy Challenge at Orlando Speedworld with mixed feelings. Originaly we booked our flight tickets to Florida for the World Street Nationals which were rescheduled. But after all this was an awesome experience. Turbo’s rule here.

Track announcer Tim Manes invited us to the track tower where we met Carl Weisinger. Thanks again guys.

Horsepower Sales Speedshop

On our way to Orlando Speedworld we spotted a speed shop called Horsepower Sales. The friendly crew Tim and Ozzy showed us all the goodies including Tims beautiful Fairlaine. Tim Manes (track annauncer at Orlando Speedworld) invited us to come and visit the tower during the eliminations of the World Sport Compact Challenge next day. Awesome!

During their short winter season these guys don’t stop dragracing. They play with their slot car dragsters scale 1:24. In the attached pics (click) you’ll see the beautiful collection of slot cars. Thanks again guys.


Daytona Speedway

Every car nut should have been at the Daytona Speedway. So we had to go there. We did the All Access Tour. A great 2-hour experience. Best off all was the Petty team cars roaring down the track and the view from the tower.

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Don Garlits Museum of Dragracing

Next on our schedule was the Don Garlits Museum of Dragracing in Ocala. This is definately a must-see for every car junkie.

Don Garlits is one of the true old school drag racers but he is so much more. He is one of the building blocks that not only made NHRA great but he is an Icon of racing and the way it use to be. His museum located in Ocala, Florida is actually two museums. The first is his History of Drag Racing Museum which contains all but a couple of his famous Swap Rat dragsters. In addition you will find other famous dragsters and cars from the past and tributes to other drivers. There is memorabilia everywhere and more engines and cut away engines than you can count on both hands. the other museum is the Antique Car Museum on the same site.

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Test and Tune @ Sunshine Dragstrip in St. Petersburg

After the ORDC weekend at Bradenton we went to St. Petersburg. Every Wednesday evening there is a Test & Tune at the Sunshine Dragstrip.

Here are some pics we made. Click the thumbnails.

Back from Florida

We spent 2 weeks in Florida and had a great time. We visited 5 drag strips. Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Orlando (Speedworld & CFRC) and W. Palm Beach.

The first 2 days we visited the Outlaw Drag Racing Championship in Bradenton. Click on the thumbnails to see the images.